Early Childhood Education
learning activities

REGGIO EMILIA is a grassroots natural approach to early childhood learning and education. The use of natural handmade, authentic, up-cycled materials that are open ended, inspire the imagination, build confidence, knowledge & independence. A fundamental hands on approach to early childhood learning is inspired by the use of beautiful and often handmade unique materials that are rotated out daily.

PROGRAM - daily circle time calendar, weather, days of the week, months of the year, holidays, numbers, colours, object recognition, singing, reading, language arts, emotional recognition, story telling, felt stories & puppets. Music/movement, construction, dramatic play/theatre, natural outdoor play & preschool group activities. Weekly extra curricular activities include yoga / dance & music class taught by professional teachers

PRESCHOOL -provocations, art studio, sensory table, light table, puzzles, pre-printing, construction, social studies, science & math explorations.